OpsArc Pre Hire Solutions.

Source, interact, interview, collaborate and onboard today’s modern workforce with a recruitment software for the entire talent acquisition lifecycle.

A complete new Applicant Tracking System

  • Bring Resume from Multiple Source

    Populate resumes from different sources like Portals, dropbox, social sites, email, local storage etc.

  • Create Instant and exhaustive profile

    Create a digital searchable and interactive candidate profile with a single click.

  • Dynamic Dashboards

    See information at a glance using customizable dashboards, or drill down further into the data with reports.

  • Seamless Integration with SMS, Gmail and Outlook

    Our ATS seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Outlook so that you can view your email communications directly within the ATS. Send and recieve SMS messages and view as conversation.

Shortlisting Profiles & Recruitment Activities

Shortlisting Profiles
  • AI Match

    The system scores and matches specific job requirements, such as location, experience, competency and skills to provide a list of potential candidates.

  • Customized questionnaire for applicants

    Create a completely customizable questionnaire to collect specific information from applicants beyond the resume.

  • Candidate scorecards

    Get feedback on candidates at every stage in the pipeline via collaborative feedback by the team. Also get a weighted score against a set of job parameters.

Recruitment Activities
  • Email Templates

    With customized email templates you can easily send communications, from thanking them for the resume to finally let them know they are hired and everything in between.

  • Notes, Activities and Email History Consolidated

    View incoming and outgoing emails, SMS and other tasks or calendar schedules. Highlight notes that you want the team to review.

  • Collaborate with team

    Use @mentions to include anyone from the internal team to the event or notification.

Optimize your Company’s Career Portal

  • Engagement hub

    We offer out-of-the-box functionality to build a good-looking, branded and professional site that’s connected to your applicant tracking system.

  • Online Applications

    Allow your candidates to apply, create profile, view applied jobs and answer screener questions, all within the candidate portal.

  • Mobile Ready

    Make it easy for candidates to apply to your positions with mobile responsive career portal.

Team Availability Finder

  • Problem

    Coordinating many phone screens and interviews with dozens of applicants and your organization's hiring managers in different time zones, during a busy hiring period, and losing time trying to figure out when hiring managers and candidates alike are available. .

  • Solution

    Availability Finder can help you coordinate meetings with other employees at your company by allowing you to see free/busy time within the Applicant Tracking module for other employees in your company and the candidate. See everyone’s real-time calendars side-by-side to minimize the number of emails you exchange with the candidate and the internal hiring teams to find the right time to meet and avoid overlaps with your interview invites.

Digital Onboarding

  • Paperless onboarding

    Seamless integration from ATS to HR, our digital onboarding solution removes the headache of new hire paperwork and gets employees ready to work BEFORE their first day.

  • Centralized Onboarding View

    We centralize all of the steps in the onboarding process through a secure online portal so everyone involved can view exactly where a new hire is in the onboarding process.

  • A Great Experience for Your Candidates

    The new hire's get a customized online portal where they can validate data, electronically sign and submit new hire paperwork

Hiring Manager View

  • Qualified Applicants Pool

    Recruiters are responsible for building a strong pool of qualified applicants for a given position. Hiring managers are then responsible for identifying and hiring the most qualified applicant from that pool.

  • Custom View

    We provide a custom view for the Hiring Manager to focus on the Quality of the talent pool and make appropriate decision.

  • Compare Applicants

    Our applicant tracking system allows the Hiring Manager to compare ratings, competencies and communications against the candidates along with the timeline.

Interview Scheduling and feedback

  • Structured Interviews

    Structured interview process helps eliminate bias and includes customizable coaching and suggestions to provide a great candidate experience while allowing your team to assess candidates in a way that aligns with your company’s culture and goals.

  • Candidate Feedback

    Collaborative interview feedback - Make sure your hiring team is on the same page with centralized candidate data and feedback to make the best hiring decisions possible.

  • Heatmap comparision

    Evaluate candidates based on a quantitative heat map of feedback for each candidate that enables you to efficiently identify superstar talent and make better hires over time.

Candidate Engagement

  • Email / SMS

    Built specifically for the unique needs of TA and seamlessly integrated into the solution, Intelligent Messaging makes it easy for teams to organize, share, track, and automate email amd SMS conversations.

  • Survey / Assessment / Reference Check

    We makes it easy for recruiters to create and link to events, to get feedback about the hiring process or to get a online Reference Check from a previous employer.

  • Self Schedule Interview

    Candidate self-scheduling allows you to send an interview request to candidates who have the flexibility to self-schedule themselves by choosing a convenient interview time based on the interviewer's calendar availability.

  • Pronunciation feature

    Candidate's can self record correct pronunciation of their Name before their first interview, so your hiring team is clear on how they should be addressed.