Intelligent Scheduling

Transform your hiring interview process.

Create strategic interview and feedback processes that include intelligent scheduling to locate, track, vet and hire candidates based on core competencies and skills instead of just credentials that gives your company and teams insights to elevate your recruiting to the next level.

Structured Hiring

Create, conduct, and score structured candidate interviews with panel feedback and assessments which focus on core competencies and skill requirements that align with your company’s culture and needs.

Skill based

Concentrates on a candidate's practical skills and performance rather than formal qualifications.

Competency based

An individual's core competencies are evaluated by the team which positions new hires for success.

Stakeholder Engagement

Customized workflow and feedback system that increases stakeholder engagement in the hiring process that is data driven and increases talent quality.

Interview / Scheduling

Schedule and organize interviews with potential candidates more efficiently.


Intelligent Interviews
Automated Scheduling

Allows candidates to easily schedule interviews by booking times based on an interviewer’s or the panel’s availability. Eliminate the tedious back and forth in the scheduling process that includes automated reminders for interviews and feedback.

Candidate Feedback

Collaborative interview feedback

Make sure your hiring team is on the same page with centralized candidate data and feedback to make the best hiring decisions possible.

Competency Heat Map

Heatmap comparision

Evaluate candidates based on a quantitative heat map of feedback for each candidate that enables you to efficiently identify superstar talent and make better hires over time.

Structured Interviews

Question bank
With Coaching Tips

Structured interview process helps eliminate bias and includes customizable coaching and suggestions to provide a great candidate experience while allowing your team to assess candidates in a way that aligns with your company’s culture and goals.

Smart Analytics

Unlock data and insights for your interviews. If you use Microsoft Teams you would get data you always wanted.

  • Team and candidate availability for scheduling interviews.
  • Candidate and panel members acceptance of a meeting is visible to all.
  • Attendance report for each interview (who joined, start and end time).
  • Track the number of interviews for each team member v/s preference.

Company Culture

Your company’s culture goes to the heart of its values, philosophy, and goals of your organization. As these items vary from company to company so to will the core competencies required to deliver on that culture. OpsArc has you covered with both standard and customized competencies that encompass company culture and job-specific competencies.

  • Create categories of competencies.
  • Create coaching tips and question banks for each competency.
  • Assign core competencies to each job as well as mandatory company culture competencies.
  • Delegate candidate competency evaluation by assigning to one of more interviewers.

Functional Competencies

Functional competencies are job-specific behaviors and skills that are unique to each role. Setting these key attributes up at the beginning of the recruitment process allows you to evaluate all candidates consistently and allows for interviewers to assess the right skills, traits, and qualifications.

  • Customizable functional competencies that can also be grouped for easier evaluation.
  • Hiring Manager can assign any number of functional competencies to a job or use a pre-established functional competency bank based on success metrics for similar positions.
  • Delegate evaluation of functional competencies to one or more interviewers.
  • Functional competencies are included in the scorecards from all interviewers with comments and a customizable evaluation system as to candidate’s suitability.

Integrate with your ATS or use the world-class OpsArc ATS.

Choose your best of breed solutions to your hiring needs with our open API or use the world-class OpsArc ATS included as part of your license.

Intelligent Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling empowers candidates to find the best match between both their availability and yours without the endless back and forth.

Centralized and Structured Interviewing.

All candidate interview and feedback data are centralized and structured to accelerate hiring and increase talent quality.


Analyze your team’s efforts and make data-driven decisions and takeaways to find out what works best.

Customized Preferences

Interviewers can specify preferences such as availability and number of interviews per week which is used in our intelligent scheduling algorithm.

OpsArc works seamlessly
with the tools you use every day.