OpsArc Post Hire Solutions.

Better manage your global workforce with unified back office platform of Jobs, Time & Attendance, Expenses, Invoicing and more.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Repository of your customers and contacts

    You get an overview of all accounts, contacts, open/closed opportunities and more, so that you can drive value and detect new sales.

  • Consolidated Activities

    Link to your Office 365 account and sync your Emails and Appointments between Outlook.

  • Manage your opportunities and leads

    Grow your pipeline and increase the revenue, while staying in full control of your own data.

Simplify Time Entry Expenses

Simplify Time Entry
  • Multiple Options

    Employees or consultants can clock in or out with just few clicks or enter weekly hours. Adding tasks or change job codes, or add timesheet details instantly.

  • Versatile approval process

    Add single or dual approving manager, which they can approve via a direct email.

  • Maximize Utilization

    Boost your billable hours and pipeline with real-time oversight into resource allocations and availability.

  • Automate expenses on corporate cards

    Capture corporate card transactions, so all expenses are accounted for.

  • Stay within the budget

    No more confusion about allowed expenses or spending limits. Ensure that your organization's expense policies are enforced.

  • Understand where the spend is

    Manage expenses to make your business more efficient. View reports based on expense category.

Immigration & Survey

Digitize the Processes
  • Digitize the Processes

    Digitizes and optimises H-1B processes. Automates audit trails and documents.

  • SOC Codes, Titles and Wage levels at LCA initiation

    Understand SOC codes and Speciality Occupations. Decide appropriate wage levels and stay updated on ever changing compliance.

  • Client / Project Alerts

    Get notifications related to change in engagement alerts that need your immediate attention.

  • Take a quick pulse and drive change

    Annual surveys are tedious and can have a significant lag time between correlating results and producing data for HR to act on.

  • Coverage

    Employees , consultants, ex-employees, customers, vendors etc.

  • Customize your own survey

    On any topic you want from top-to-bottom in content and tone.

Projects / Job Orders

  • Job assignments and rates

    Seamless flow of assignment data from ATS. Bill rate are prepopulated for enagements backed by a PO and Admins can adjust Pay rates, Bill fee and pay fees.

  • Engagement Types

    T&M, Fixed Fee, Fixed fee per Month, Milestone(s), SKU based and Non-Billable

  • Margins

    Our margin calculators records all the charges associated with pay burdens allowing you to track and manage costs like taxes, benefits, operations overheads and workers compensation etc.

Accounting & Invoice Management

  • Flexible Invoicing

    Creating template driven custom invoices for your client’s specific needs has never been easier. Options include the ability to adjust the invoice formatting, modify header alignment, add templated messaging boxes, flexibility to consolidate or separate itemized time and expenses, advanced options to consolidate by P.O. number, employee or Job with options to provide taxes or ad-hoc discounts

  • Attach Timesheets

    With OpsArc’s invoicing attaching signed timesheets to invoices and emailing them to clients is easier than ever, helping your company avoid billing errors and get paid faster.

  • Integrate accounting software

    Set up a real-time bi-directional sync with Quickbooks, Dynamics 365 Business Central etc. in just a few minutes.