Time Attendance

Streamline Your Time

Manage and track billable v/s non-billable hours using clock-in / out, daily or weekly timesheets.

Time and Attendance Solution

Integrate with biometric data to regularize your employees' attendance and generate reports that help you make better decisions.

Track Time

  • Track against projects

    Allow your team and managers to monitor progress for the entire project. Automatic and push reminders and built in multi layered approval workflows.

  • Multiple Options

    Track hours worked on weekly, daily or punch in/out with tasks for employees working different jobs on the same project.

  • Import Biometric data

    Import swipe data which appears on the timesheet for employees and saves them keeping track and reduce manual data entry.

  • Billable, Non-Billable, Regular, overtime

    Track regular vs. overtime hours and time worked for both salary and hourly employees.

Time-off and attendance

  • Flexible and Dynamic

    Define your own time-off policies, accruals and rules which will drive accrual days per leave type. Work-flow based approval process integrated with Timesheets.

  • Real-time updates

    Supervisors and managers get real-time updates via email and notifications for request and approvals.

  • Reporting

    Get graphical reports that will give you attendance summaries by day or by month. See reports for individual employees, or for entire teams.

Intelligent Approvals

  • Approval workflows

    Select who approves (Client, PM or Manager) to define the approval workflows for timesheets and Expenses.

  • Export Approvals

    Generate PDF's with time data and merge approval attachments.

  • Reduce Errors

    Automatic validations of timesheet entries minimize errors for common and specific business requirements.

  • Alerts and notifications

    Make timely submissions and approvals with alerts and notifications.