Employee onboarding process.

Transform your New hire onboarding process.

The process of introducing new hires to the company is more than just a mere task of filling out documents. However, it is not possible to proceed with any other activities until the necessary paperwork has been signed. The initial step of onboarding documentation plays a crucial role in providing new employees with a glimpse of what they can expect, thus it is imperative that it is straightforward and engaging.

New hire onboarding process

Provide the Tools to Succeed

Onboarding for new hire was traditionally a tedious affair involving hours spent filling out paperwork both by the Employer and the New Hire, separated from one's new colleagues. OpsArc helps with the onboarding experience with its cutting-edge software that enables a fully digital process accessible from any location or device, way before an employee's start date. This streamlined approach frees up your valuable time to concentrate on managing your business while your team members complete their personalized onboarding at their leisure. They can swiftly become acquainted with our top-notch communication and collaboration tools, allowing them to hit the ground running and engage with their new team from day one and beyond.

Pre-employment background checks is integrated along with consent forms for employees which are required before a background check can be initiated. The data you collect makes its way into their personnel file to ensure they get paid, can file taxes and are otherwise good to go.

  • One, easy-to-use onboarding portal for new hires.
  • Employee profile with personal details.
  • Real time progress so the entire HR team knows the status of each new hire – from when their onboarding starts, ends, and what items they’ve completed .
  • Branded and mobile friendly new hire portal.
New Hire onboarding software

Three Step Process

Your company’s culture goes to the heart of its values, philosophy, and goals of your organization. As these items vary from company to company so to will the core competencies required to deliver on that culture. OpsArc has you covered with both standard and customized competencies that encompass company culture and job-specific competencies.

  • 1
    Prepare Documents
  • We will help you digitize any of your paper forms that you want the new hire to fill. Typical ones for North America are:

    • Federal and State Forms

      Form I-9

      Form W-4

      State Tax Withholding Forms

    • Company Onboarding Documents

      Direct Deposit Form

      Offer Letter

      Employment Agreement

      Employee Benefits Declaration Form

      Employee Handbook

      Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

      Non-Compete Agreement

  • 2
    Data Validation.
  • New hire documentation is an indispensable component of onboarding, and it can be perplexing and overwhelming due to redundant information found in multiple forms. Nonetheless, the process of confirming the accuracy of the employee onboarding-related data and authorizing it through an e-signature via a new hire portal is crucial to ensure that the new employee commences their tenure on the right footing.
  • 3
    Collect Documents with e-signatures.
  • With the ability for new hires to electronically sign documents and complete the onboarding process remotely, the workflow is significantly enhanced. The digital records are then transmitted to the other signatories without the need for physical document transfer, eliminating the risk of losing or damaging paperwork. This makes the entire process more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Onboarding software can help you manage the administrative aspect of new hire transitions, including collecting essential information such as tax forms, I-9 verifications, and direct deposit information. OpsArc’s onboarding solution also helps HR teams can request additional documents and also add tasks for internal teams.

The first step in having a good onboarding process is to have an employee onboarding process checklist. Then, make the hire official and submit a job requisition form to your HR team. Complete a background check (if that's a step your business takes). Establish the schedule and job duties the new starter will follow. Prepare and complete the relevant new hire forms.

Onboarding is an essential first impression between an employee and employer, and sets the foundation for workforce retention. Onboarding improves the employee experience by:

  • Making employees feel welcome into their teams and company.
  • Helping support the new employee’s transition instead of spending hours doing paperwork.
  • Ensuring compliance.
  • Improving new hire productivity.
  • Onboarding software helps ensure these early goals are achieved and makes onboarding processes more streamlined and efficient.
  • Here are some top tips on how to use an employee onboarding software to improve your overall onboarding processes.
    Invest in an automated onboarding platform that will streamline the administrative and logistical aspects of onboarding and set the stage for new hire success even before their start date. The right software will automate processes and save time so you can focus on making new employees feel welcome.
    Focus on instilling belonging. It’s important for your new employees to feel connected to the organization and their team, so integrate interactions like personalized welcome messages and celebrating accomplishments through peer recognition as a part of onboarding – all of which can be done with an all-in-one onboarding software.
    Send automated surveys to new hires through your onboarding software at set intervals. Use these to collect feedback on potential issues and adjust your processes accordingly.

    • Customizable functional competencies that can also be grouped for easier evaluation.
    • Hiring Manager can assign any number of functional competencies to a job or use a pre-established functional competency bank based on success metrics for similar positions.
    • Delegate evaluation of functional competencies to one or more interviewers.
    • Functional competencies are included in the scorecards from all interviewers with comments and a customizable evaluation system as to candidate’s suitability.

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