Managed Services

OpsArc Managed Services Solutions.

We offer a full suite of business process outsourcing, from timesheets and invoices to payroll to accounting.

Optimize cost and Drive efficiencies

Streamline business operations and deliver cost savings, efficiencies and transformation in the areas of finance, accounts, payroll and recruitment

Full Outsourced Recruiting
  • Offshore recruitment support

    RPO delivers flexible and scalable solutions tailored to an organization’s unique needs, whether you’re filling numerous ongoing positions, staffing for a major project, or one highly specialized opening. Our recruitment experts will develop a strategic framework specifically for your business.

  • 360-Degree Recruitment Support

    Experience the complete recruitment support service which include everything from job posting to sourcing CVs and candidates to compliance to bookings and their timesheet and payroll management.

  • Candidate Sourcing Service

    This team functions as an extension of your in-house recruitment team, available round the clock, to swiftly deliver quality and relevant talent to fulfil your job requisition.

  • Create Business Value

    Create value through improved efficiencies, better quality candidates, analytics, improved employment brand reputation, and overall better hiring experiences for candidates and hiring managers.

Flexible Back Office Offerings

Flexible Back Office Offerings
  • Timesheet Processing

    We offer an efficient timesheet processing service, looked after by our team of experts with a wealth of experience in the staffing industry.

  • Travel and Expense

    Our services for travel bookings can handle reservations and support for your workforce, while ensuring the lowest cost and to provide efficient and excellent personalized service.

  • Finance and Accounting

    We provide an intelligent finance function through which you can achieve higher levels of efficiencies across the enterprise.

  • Payroll

    We offer payroll services that give staffing industry professionals peace of mind.