Simplyfy Expense Tracking.

Make expense entry, approvals and reporting simple, fast, and accurate.

Simplyfy Expense Tracking

Make expense entry, approvals and reporting simple, fast, and accurate

Track Expenses

  • Project v/s Non billable Expenses

    Allow your team and managers to monitor expenses for the entire project. Configurable for non billable expenses with multi layered approval workflows.

  • Multiple Options

    Track expense type, reimbursements, currency, and digital receipts for immediate processing and reduce lost information.

  • Alerts and notifications

    Flexible alerts and notifications ensure your expense data is always accurate, on-time, and approved by the right people before costing and billing.

  • Project Expense budgets

    Manage expense budgets by project and track actual expenses to easily compare them to the Cap's.

Real-time visibility

  • Corporate card transactions

    Manage and reconcile business expenditures made through a wide range of company card types.

  • Expense invoicing

    Include expense amounts as part of your invoices and share with customers for invoicing.

  • Reporting

    Easily take action and control spending with detailed reporting, dashboards, and analytics at your fingertips.

Intelligent Approvals

  • Approval workflows

    Select who approves (Client, PM or Manager) to define the approval workflows for timesheets and Expenses.

  • Export Approvals

    Generate PDF's with time data and merge approval attachments.

  • Reduce Errors

    Automatic validations of timesheet entries minimize errors for common and specific business requirements.

  • Alerts and notifications

    Make timely submissions and approvals with alerts and notifications.

Increase Recruiter Productivity

Streamline daily tasks with faster source, search, and match

Custom Dashboards

Powerful dashboards provide quick, user-friendly access to important data

Focus on your customer

Get a single, shared view of your customers