Integrated, quick and easy-to-use solution.

Temporary, contract, permanent employees or contingent workforce, OpsArc makes complex workforce functions like Recruitment, On-Boarding, Self Service, Payroll and Invoicing tasks simple: centralized administration, faster candidate processing, self-configurable invoice/billing workflows, Client and Candidate Self-service Portals.

Back Office Features.

We will provide you with one of the best platform where the workflows are logical, customization allows your business rules to fit in the application to match your exact requirements.


  • Manage client / customer data
  • Link all related documents
  • Integrate with projects

PO Management

  • Map clients/ customers to projects and PO's
  • Maintain cap of T&E limits
  • Manage T&M, Fixed, Milestone based projects
  • Set custom alerts for exceptions


  • Use time & expense entries to bill your clients or to measure project profitability
  • Generate unbilled report in real time
  • Visibility on T&M, Fixed or Milestone based projects


  • Manage Vendor data
  • Link all related documents
  • Integrate with vendor resources, projects

Time Management

  • Billable/ Non-Billable time tracking
  • Upload approvals
  • Project management is easy with job codes and custom fields to allow each time entry to be tagged with relevant information


  • Reimbursable expense tracking
  • Multi Currency
  • Linked mobile receipts
  • Map credit card transactions

Employee Portal

  • Enter Time & Expense, view utilization
  • Request time off and view balance
  • Profile changes can be requested
  • Enhanced Travel request entry


  • Enter Time & Expense, view utilization
  • Get Cost, Accrued Revenue, Invoiced , Paid with Billable & Non-Billable hours and expense
  • Measure project profitability real time

Email Alerts

  • Turn Data into Actionable Business Knowledge. From the Management to the back office admin's - get accurate, relevant, timely Email alerts
  • Store functional emails as searchable records
  • Enhanced outlook integration


  • Context sensitive searchable CRM data
  • Manage searchable documents/li>
  • Eliminate time consuming, unnecessary double entry of data on numerous disassociated systems

Travel Scheduler

  • Enahced travel scheduler for air, car and hotel bookings
  • Travel desk can get consolidated view
  • Map to projects and approval workflow


  • Custom Survey Questions / Response options
  • Self design surveys to meet the individual feedback on a Project , Resource or Process
  • Configurable end-user experience

Payroll Integration

  • Extract payroll hours which can be fed directly to the payroll system.
  • Manage time and attendance
  • Daily email alerts for people on vacation, WFH etc.

Requisition Management

  • Automate the skill requisition creation, management, and submission proces
  • Easily create, manage and fill vacancies
  • Get Hiring Analytics

Front Office Features.

Gone are the days when your teams took hours to analyze a resume, our resume parser will screen for you and give you results within seconds in a form that is easy readable while creating a profile automatically for you.
The redesigned search & match features will find the perfect candidate so you can quickly pinpoint the right candidates in a single step.

Resume Parser

  • Increase efficiency with lightning fast, accurate CV parsing. Manage candidates from a single system.
  • Upload CVs in seconds or read from a mailbox with fast, accurate CV parsing and auto mapping of skills, education, experience etc..

Applicant Tracking

  • Reduce overall recruitment costs and time to hire
  • Manage the entire recruitment process from requisition to onboarding on a single, fully integrated platform
  • Find and hire talent

Candidate Self Service

  • Real time analytics and graphical reporting
  • Manager & employee mobile Self-Service
  • Organisational Structure

Candidate Ranking

  • Real time analytics and graphical reporting
  • Manager & employee mobile Self-Service
  • Organisational Structure


Watch the growth of your overall operations productivity with intelligent back office workflows and integrations. We will custom integrate with the other tools you may use.

Value Added Features.

Allow your team to deliver both transactional and transformational value to your business. The entire lifecycle to manage your everyday working challenges integrated into one. The result is better process control, improved efficiency and a platform for your team to work with the business.

SaaS based solution

  • We provide highly optimized, scalable and efficient infrastructure solutions to ensure high availability
  • Flexibile and timely availability of data.

Flexible Pricing

  • We provide three different pricing plans
  • Per user - All modules
  • Per user - Single module
  • Managed Service model


  • Quickbooks
  • Outlook
  • Sharepoint
  • Payroll

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