With OpsArc's cloud-based platform, your employees and professionals have the flexibility to record time through a web-based timesheets which makes it easy for managers to make edits, approve requests, and run reports. You can choose from multiple time entry methods without sacrificing efficiency, control or compliance. The portal can be configured so it can capture projects / assignments, task and roles, locations and more.

A Fully Integrated Time & Attendance System

  • Reduce labor costs and compliance risk while increasing overall productivity.
  • Create custom tags for Tasks / roles with a few clicks.
  • Track fixed price or T&M or Milestone based projects
  • Get real-time information, such as overtime hours prior to a payroll run or invoicing.
  • Cap weekly resource hours for fixed bid projects
  • Real time access to billable / non-billable hours, overtime and time-off

Maximize flexibility, reduce manual input, avoid making mistakes, get real-time monitoring which allows organizations to cut time from the payroll cycle.

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