Manage your professionals from onboarding, to workforce management to compensation and communication all within the OpsArc Suite


Empower your team to collaborate on a single platform


Concise, real time and relevant reporting to easily identify trends and proactively identify issues

The fastest growing workforce solution dedicated to the Staffing Industry.

We let your teams make better business decisions with visibility across the entire employee life cycle which improves efficiency and provide a platform where teams can collaborate. Analytics with reporting in real time, including recruiting, scheduling, pipeline, gross payroll, invoicing, expense reporting and more.

The simple way to manage your operations.

Empower your team to collaborate on a single platform

Faster and more effective decision-making driven by analytics

Optimize operations and improve profitability

360-degree view of your projects and profitability. Manage the entire lifecycle of your employees and independent professionals from one platform.

  • Provide your account managers and recruiters with an engaging platform for a fast and efficient way to source and hire great talent
  • Rostering, time and attendance as well as the self service portal all the tools they need to manage their working life cycle
  • Software deployed in the cloud, so you get faster deployment, regular updates, and freedom from IT issues.
  • Track and Billed v/s WIP : One-click reporting for T&M, milestone or fixed-fee engagements with summary and details of time and expense invoicing.
  • Help your teams with Analytics: Project/engagement dashboards with project or resource utilization.

Everything you need to jump start your Operations

All in one cloud solution to boost productivity and manage all day-to-day activities

Recruitment & Onboarding

Easily manage, search, and track all job requisitions and applicants

Project and PO Management

Project/engagement dashboards with project or resource utilization

Time and Expense

Speed up timesheet entry and stay on top of your expenses in realtime.


Reporting with real-time insights into every aspect of your business.


Automated exchange of information with productivity apps.

Mobile App

Hassle free time, expense and employee portal with online or offline capability.


Allow your team to deliver both transactional and transformational value to your business. The entire lifecycle to manage your everyday working challenges integrated into one. The result is better process control, improved efficiency and a platform for your team to work with the business


Cloud based

We provide highly optimized, scalable and efficient infrastructure solutions to ensure high availability, flexibility and timely availability of data. This includes time and expense entries, alerts and notifications, requesting time off, view utilization as well as having access to real time reports.


Flexible & customizable

Manage custom fields key pair values for entite suite. Enable new options, set up email alerts, enable/ disable user entitlements in realtime.


Robust ATS

Get a snapshot of your current hiring status. See how many candidates are at each stage of every job, provide access to recruiters and account managers. Intelligent resume parser, schedule interviews, seachable repository of resources.


Employee Portal

Ability to view company news, update personal information, enter Expense, Schedule travel needs and clock in/out, track holiday, sick, vacation, and more. Detailed reporting of accrual balance changes


Document Storage

Upload and share resource, vendor, customer related documents. These are tagged for the specific billalbe projects for easy retrieval.



Experience email integration at its best, Quickly set up email alert schedules, manage reminders for resources, integrate functional exchange emails for storage and retrieval (with or without attachments)



We secure our applications with required security compliances, encryption and restricted access. We audit, monitor and report even minor data breaches to mitigate risk and enhance visibility.



Setup projects, clients, vendor and resource from a single location, integrate them with rest of the functions and setup custom alerts for each project.



Link all of the time and expense entries to invoice, get unbilled reports in realtime, integrate with QuickBooks

Technology for a smarter workforce


Integrated, quick and easy-to-use services

  • Manage client / customer data
  • Link all related documents
  • Integrate with projects
  • Map clients/ customers to projects and PO's
  • Maintain cap of T&E limits
  • Manage T&M, Fixed, Milestone based projects
  • Set custom alerts for exceptions
PO Management
  • Use time & expense entries to bill your clients or to measure project profitability
  • Generate unbilled report in real time
  • Visibility on T&M, Fixed or Milestone based projects
  • We provide highly optimized, scalable and efficient infrastructure solutions to ensure high availability
  • Flexibile and timely availability of data.
SaaS based solution
  • We provide three different pricing plans
  • Per user - All modules
  • Per user - Single module
  • Managed Service model
Flexible Pricing
  • Quickbooks
  • Outlook
  • Sharepoint
  • Payroll
  • Manage Vendor data
  • Link all related documents
  • Integrate with vendor resources, projects
  • Billable/ Non-Billable time tracking
  • Upload approvals
  • Project management is easy with job codes and custom fields to allow each time entry to be tagged with relevant information
Time Management
  • Reimbursable expense tracking
  • Multi Currency
  • Linked mobile receipts
  • Map credit card transactions
  • Enter Time & Expense, view utilization
  • Request time off and view balance
  • Profile changes can be requested
  • Enhanced Travel request entry
Employee Portal
  • Enter Time & Expense, view utilization
  • Get Cost, Accrued Revenue, Invoiced , Paid with Billable & Non-Billable hours and expense
  • Measure project profitability real time
  • Turn Data into Actionable Business Knowledge. From the Management to the back office admin's - get accurate, relevant, timely Email alerts
  • Store functional emails as searchable records
  • Enhanced outlook integration
Email Alerts
  • Context sensitive searchable CRM data
  • Manage searchable documents/li>
  • Eliminate time consuming, unnecessary double entry of data on numerous disassociated systems
  • Enahced travel scheduler for air, car and hotel bookings
  • Travel desk can get consolidated view
  • Map to projects and approval workflow
Travel Scheduler
  • Extract payroll hours which can be fed directly to the payroll system.
  • Manage time and attendance
  • Daily email alerts for people on vacation, WFH etc.
Payroll Integration
  • Custom Survey Questions / Response options
  • Self design surveys to meet the individual feedback on a Project , Resource or Process
  • Configurable end-user experience
  • Automate the skill requisition creation, management, and submission proces
  • Easily create, manage and fill vacancies
  • Get Hiring Analytics
Requisition Management
  • Increase efficiency with lightning fast, accurate CV parsing. Manage candidates from a single system.
  • Upload CVs in seconds or read from a mailbox with fast, accurate CV parsing and auto mapping of skills, education, experience etc..
Resume Parser
  • Reduce overall recruitment costs and time to hire
  • Manage the entire recruitment process from requisition to onboarding on a single, fully integrated platform
  • Find and hire talent
Applicant Tracking
  • Real time analytics and graphical reporting
  • Manager & employee mobile Self-Service
  • Organisational Structure
Candidate Self Service
  • Real time analytics and graphical reporting
  • Manager & employee mobile Self-Service
  • Organisational Structure
Candidate Ranking
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